"Apocalypse Calypso"

From 5th to 31th of December 2012

Lauch from 4 to 6 pm, wednesday 12.12.12

As we are all preparing to celebrate the End of the World, Franck Omer, one of France’s most avant-
garde artists and illustrators, will demonstrate that creating a happy ending is not an easy task.

Omer deliberately approaches the last days of a civilisation as a mystical danse macabre celebrating
the Renaissance, the rebirth of a world where cynicism gives way to hope and a multiplicity of

“Franck Omer’s work should not be seen as one of an artist with a prolific imagination, but as one of
a mythological ferryman of symbols, a dreamer awake whose primitive fantasies make of him the
spiritual grandson of Bosch, Grünwald or Bruegel.

His visual universes is however not limited to those of the mystical Flemish painters. A virtuoso who
masters the scales of World cultures symbols, Omer infringes the authority of traditions with
humour and poetry, manipulating them and projecting us in the heart of a singular world, where the
shadows of primitive forests infiltrate the brick walls of the city.”

Extract from an article by Frédéric Baitinger publixhed in « l’Artension » magasine n°112, March-April 2012

Franck has exhibited across Europe and cites travels and exhibitions to India, Japan and Mexico as
fundamental inspirations to his work. He is breaking through in North America with ‘Le Dernier Cri’
publishing collective and was exhibited during the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival lastOctober."Géométrie apocalyptique peinte au poney" huile sur toile transat, 2006

"Géométrie apocalyptique peinte au poney"     Huile sur Transat,  160cm x 70cm 2006